Sunday, October 10, 2010

MX | Community Design Phase 2: The Blind Tiger (HUB)

After feedback from the designs created last week and creating the 3-D models I have created a much revived and highly dynamic concept for the online hub. The concept here relates very closely to the 3-D model I created, and the idea actually came to life as I was listening to a lecture by Mike & Kathy McCoy this weekend at the Alumni Breakfast. Ironically enough their lecture was about future design tools and people-centered design, it was absolutely amazing how incredibly relevant their teaching were! So below is the sketch that founded the idea which is essentially based off of user customization.

*sketch in the top right corner, the idea sparked from the idea of tailorable communications and the concept of "smart posters".

THE BLIND TIGER – Hub Design Concept 02

As of now there are 10 states in which walk through the scenario of finding a dive, there is definitely room for improvement and need for further flushing out of content specifics. Aesthetically I worked with the irregular shapes present in our posters, refined the logo and color scheme, and also integrated a new background texture representing the nostalgic, vintage personality of the dive establishments.

The basic idea here is that the user is able to curate their own experience, and this idea is noted on the welcome page as a supporting element. Basically the user is able to select one of the taps on the left or right from which they will chose a certain element to click-and-drag to their space.

*welcome screen, navigation left & right

*click state of "FIND"

*roll-over state of display options

*click-and-drag to space to expand information

*transition phase - showing ability to click-and-drag once content is in your space

*end state of click-and-drag

*showing the click-and-drag of the image to expand dive-specific content (Dave's)

 *expansion of dive profile (Dave's)

*showing click-and-drag of multimedia within profile

 *expansion of multimedia (photo)

So, the GRAND idea with this concept is that with each step the user is able to get more in depth information about whatever they may desire and are able to eliminate information along the way as well. This facilitates comparisons and better overall knowledge and creates a highly personal experience for each user.

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