Sunday, October 31, 2010

MX | Outline / Storyboard + Final Online Hub Screens

Below is a look at our outline / storyboard that shows the storyline of our narration for the final video presentation of our Web 2.0 Dive Finding Community, The Blind Tiger. Here we are working out ways in which the different scenarios can have meaningful connections (hub to iPhone to iPad) via visual and verbal cues.


Also below, are the (nearly) final screens for the online hub, there are still some minor tweaks we came across will working with the scenarios that still need to be made. Otherwise, this just about final and ready to turn out focus to animation and transitions. To help aid with this process I decided to list out the known animations and transitions that are relevant at this point in time.

01 Welcome / Login (slide / fade)

02 Blank workspace / explain notes – close notes

03 "Find" RO in main nav / drop-down menu

04 "Area" RO in drop-down

05 "Area" click-and-drag / close drop-down & expand

06 "Westport" RO

07 "Westport" click-and-drag & expand

08 "Midtown" RO

09 "Midtown" click-and-drag & expand

10 "Midtown" scale

11 "Midtown" collapse

12 "Westport" scroll

13 Close "Area" nav

14 "Harlings" RO – color transitions / slide-out

15 "Harlings" click-and-drag & expand

16 "Harlings" profile

17 Add "Harlings" to favorites

* transition to scenario 02
18 Collapse "Westport"

19 "Local" RO / drop-down

20 Drop-down RO / "My Points"

21 Click-and-drag "My Points" & expand / close drop-down

22 RO "Rank"

23 Click-and-drag "Rank" & expand


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