Thursday, October 7, 2010

VIS ADVOCACY | 3 Solutions + Rapid Prototypes

The ultimate goal of these solutions are to fulfill the problem statement as well as the various factors that developed along the way as I became better informed about the Rosedale Community and the Healthy Kids Initiative. Some of the most prominent factors were the limitations faced within the community, the largest being ones of overall safety, functionality of parks, lack of equipment, and time & accessibility. Each are addressed in at least one of the three solutions and create viable options for each of the limitations.

01. SPORTS EQUIPMENT KIT DESIGN – facilitating the limitation of equipment on an individual level by providing soccer, football, and basketball equipment in addition to a drawstring sports bag. Included in this kit would be a sports / activity journal, and/or a interactive quote book / poster; this kit would bring the physical and mental aspect of sports together with the practicality of providing the equipment and the reflective with a personal interactive journal / quote book or poster.

02. SOCCER BRANDING SYSTEM – targeting the schools and/or the entire community working to bridge the gap between upper and lower Rosedale. Here I would address safety first and foremost by utilizing the school system and create either an community wide branding system or one the works into each elementary school to build a sense of pride and motivation within the captive audience of the schools. This could take the form of jerseys, banners, equipment, posters, etc.; I am also considering the idea of an 'inspiration wall' which expresses that soccer / sports are for everyone regardless of age, race, gender, and religion. The wall could take on a soccer theme in which each kid could add something to it whether its the reason they play soccer, what sports mean to them, goals, idols, etc.

03. HEALTH KIDS CLUB – this idea considers integration within the structure of the Health Kids Club able to fulfill all the limitations listed above; safety, parks, equipment, time & accessibility. The concept will promote creativity & imagination with physical activity; the idea would allow the kids to create their own sports-related activities within given guidelines. These guidelines will be defined by life-skills as well as equipment options, number of players, locations, and skill requirements. Allowing the kids to create their own sports activities will allow for physical and mental growth and could prove to be a valid marketing point for parents to get involved. This might take the form of an information graphic or book; the idea of large format appeals to more interaction and share-ability; however, I am still trying to work out the best possible platform for this idea.

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