Thursday, October 14, 2010

VIS ADVOCACY | Rapid Prototype Testing 02: Healthy Kids Club

This week was my second visit to the Healthy Kids Club and it has been great, the kids are starting to familiarize themselves with me and it has been much easier to interact with them because of this. Jane and Sarah also arranged for me to present my ideas to the kids to get their reactions, suggestions, and ideas.

To break in down in to real basic terms, the kids really seemed to levitate towards the more tangible objects such as the sports bag, water bottle, and jersey. On the other hand their was also some interest with the journal and the sticker-wall mosaic, so there could start to be some melding of ideas. When I presented the third solution dealing with creating their own games they seemed to really like the idea but not so much the form / worksheet nature of what I presented, so the presentation / platform of that idea needs to be revisited. The only downside to presenting the ideas to the kids at this stage was they seemed to be stuck on certain elements so I think it was difficult for them to come up with new ideas and considerations. Regardless it was great to interact and get a feel for how the kids perceived the project and the idea that they could take ownership of it. I also asked them what mascots they would like or already have at their schools, it was a mixed response, some had mascots, others didn't. The most mentioned were "Jaguars", "Hawks", and "Bears" at the schools; and the color responses were quite interesting, the few suggestion were pink, polka-dot, and black & yellow.

I am also considering working with one of the elementary schools to possibly get a more controlled group size and age-wise to see how ideas might be cultivated if the interaction is more personal and focused. Its coming along!

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