Sunday, October 24, 2010

VIS ADVOCACY | Redefined Solution + Prototyping Steps

Based upon presenting the initial 3 prototyped solutions to the class and members of Rosedale, some brainstorming and further thinking arose. From this I have developed a redefined solution that holds increased validity and is somewhat of a culmination of the 3 initial solutions. This 'new' direction, I feel, holds a lot more value, impact, and meaning within the community and works at a much higher level that the 3 presented solutions. I am thrilled to get started with this new direction and hope to begin prototyping and getting feedback early this week.

The new direction encapsulates the initial idea of "active play" and engaging the creativity and imagination of the kids by assisting them in creating their own games / team sports based upon loose guidelines involving actions, objects, boundaries, etc. In addition to this I am considering a new approach to the idea of safety in the Rosedale community, working at a higher level than the Healthy Kids Club. The Healthy Kids Club, churches in the Ministerial Alliance, and schools in the community could very well serve the purpose of being hubs for this solution.

This concept takes advantage of the different neighborhood associations and establishing locations within them as "playable areas" (safe areas) and in turn developing "grassroots rec centers" that take advantage of the location already available.  As stated before, there is also the thought of utilizing the schools in the community as well as the Healthy Kids Club as the "hub" areas for this system, and the neighborhood associations, park, and open areas throughout the community will serve as "satellite" locations. These different locations tie into the creative, "active play" concept with consideration that the materials provided to the kids could cater to the different location that are established. I plan to find out about these "playable areas" by contacting members of these neighborhood associations as well as by posting signs in strategic spots throughout the community provoking the thoughts of community members in hopes of getting their feedback via blog comments. Photos of these signs and plans of placement will be forthcoming. 

I would also like to emphasis the need for kids and the community in general to be active for at least 60 minutes every day, possibly displaying the benefits of such a routine and using that to solidify the identity of this concept. I have hopes of reconnecting with and reaching out to new community contacts early this week to get more information and feedback on this idea.

Below are some of the maps I have been referencing for this idea; they help give a better sense of my idea and how diversely it can effect the community. The last map is one of the "Master Plan" and I have found it useful in seeing what the community leaders envision and where I can latch onto their ideas to produce a stronger system. Enjoy!

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