Thursday, October 7, 2010

VIS ADVOCACY | Team Sports: Problem/Solution Brainstorming

PROBLEM STATEMENT How can graphic design further facilitate the foundation of team sports in Rosedale in a way that focuses not only on their implementation and aspects of physical fitness, but also on the character-building qualities of team sports and how they can inspire dreams, goals, idols, and sustain life-long skills.

Safety (Parks, outdoors in general without direct supervision; parents working)
Parks (Lack functionality & safety)
Lack of equipment
Time & accessibility (parent / child schedules, transportation, access functional to parks)

SOME BRAINSTORMING Here I have culminated my scattered / elemental brainstorming into potential working systems that can function at a much higher level than the at a glance message but rather more holistic. Some are more flushed out than others but I feel they are all of a decently strong path and the 3 solutions will come from here...

01. Targeting parents with guerrilla / grassroots implementation of sports statistics as they pertain to life-oriented skills; exposing the mental and physical benefits of being active – a viable option in schools and throughout the community
format – booklet, banners / posters; awareness campaign

02. Develop a 'visual petition' driven and created by the kids of Rosedale to bring a Kansas City Wizards recreational soccer field to the community. (b) Working directly with the kids to find out why or why not they play sports; bringing about / questioning their motivations / goals / idols with team sports.
format – banner, booklet, mural / inspiration wall

03. Community or school based branding system – Bridge upper and lower Rosedale; facilitates as a motivator to be involved and also gives the community a sense of identity. Clearly Parks & Rec does not work so lets work within the community; grassroots.
format – jerseys, t-shirts, banners

04. Sports equipment packaging (soccer ball, football, basketball, rubber ball) providing statistic, goal-setting questions, information graphic-based? Could include a sports journal; a way to reflect on their activity through drawing, writing – what sport(s) I played today, new friends I made, today I was faster than yesterday, etc. OR a quote book / poster
format – draw-string sports bags, interactive book / poster

05. Integration with Healthy Kids Club – a platform that allows the kids to create their own sport-related game keeping within defined guidelines such as teamwork, learning, sharing, outdoors / indoors, goals, fun – could target parents statistically with mental / physical health benefits
format – ??

06. Inspiration wall implemented into the schools, sports are for everyone regardless of age, gender, race, religion – soccer goal motif with place-able shapes defining the netting; "Field of Dreams" – "I play sports to..." "I love playing soccer because..."
format –large format poster / banner with individual elements

07. Target schools / school districts to advocate the healthy aspects of playing sports and how to integrate it within the curriculum 
format – branding, information graphics

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