Thursday, November 11, 2010

VIS ADVOCACY | Final Prototype Design Progress

Things are finally beginning to take for with my design solution, there was a bit of a delay due to brainstorming content and structure as they relate to the Rosedale community. However, based upon our last group crit and generation of that content, I have arrived at the near final prototype design that will be submitted to Design Ignites Change. After doing a print proof the scale and final colors need to be revised and I still need to mock-up the construction of the piece to see that everything aligns and functions properly. I hope to have all of these item addressed by the weekend so that there is time to photograph and prep the application for submission to Design Ignites Change.

I have also reached out to Dimensional Innovations in regards to the installation piece and am awaiting a reply...soon I hope. I have also gotten in touch with Jane, Heidi, and Joshua to arrange a photoshoot to capture the prototype in action and I also plan on contacting printers as soon as I have the artifact constructed to show. Enjoy!

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