Wednesday, January 26, 2011

PRO PRACTICE | Career Goals (TAKE 001)

Taking the time to reflect upon the goals and aspirations of my career as a designer has really given me the opportunity to consider my talents and how they apply to my passions in life.

Over the past semester I really saw certain ethics arise in regards to how I want my design talents to impact the community. Looking at my career in the 'big picture' I really hope to apply my skills to something more than advertising or branding an everyday product, I want to brand and advocate for lifestyles, community, and social causes. Speaking of ethics I feel that the ethic of a company are of great importance as well; I not only want to feel valued but I also want to know that the product I am promoting, whatever it might be, is of a worth cause and does good for the environment and people.

In recently discovering this area of interest I decided to do some surface level research and found what now stands as my 'dream job' post-graduation; becoming a designer at Milkshake located in Austin, Texas. In stumbling upon this creative agency, I found it to be exactly what I was looking for; branding taken to another level, one of social cause and community, bringing people together and making an impact. It's incredible!

In working with the Livestrong Army of Kansas City over the past year in tandem with my passion for the fight against cancer and the Livestrong message I have also considered putting fourth my creative efforts at a not-for-profit such as Livestrong HQ also in Austin, Texas. It would be an ideal place to merge my passions.

Down another avenue, which I have yet to find connectedness to the previously stated, is a fascination with spatial design and how it enriches and interacts with the user on multiple levels. More specifically I am drawn to sports and sports complex design; how design elements enrich and enliven the experience. From this I have high interest in 360 Architecture as well as Populous.

At this time in my career I can't say that I am ready to pick a path to pursue, nor do I know finitely where I will be in the next 5 years. However, I have been putting great consideration into the design communities of Kansas City and Austin. Where ever I end up I want my creative abilities to flourish and not necessary be limited geographically.

I want to be a designer 'to infinity and beyond!'

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