Tuesday, February 1, 2011

DEGREE PROJECT | Experiments 02 – 'Save the Date'

Below is the mock construction of the interactive poster created based upon statistics from the questionnaire sent out to kcai students as well as to test participation and action. This piece take a different approach with a 'save the date' motif stressing the need to commit to regularly scheduled doctors visits and physical exams. The approach also takes advantage of the given audience by, in a way, using their information / feedback against them; using their statistical data to send the message directly back to them. I like this idea because it is highly personal to a population within the young adult demographic and could perhaps evolve into some sort of system used on other college populations.

The poster allows the viewer to actually take a 'save the date' card to jump-start the scheduling of their yearly check up. To take it a step further, they are prompted to leave their name stating they have committed to fight the ignorance and over-confidence within the demographic as well as those outside of it viewing them as the same.

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