Tuesday, February 15, 2011

DEGREE PROJECT | Final Design Solution; The Dilemma

Over the past week or so in developing a hypothesized design solution for my project I have begun to explore some ideas, platforms, and systems that can contain all the areas of my advocacy effort regarding young adults and cancer. At the core of the project the goal is to simply get young adults engaged and commit to yearly physical examinations, advocate for themselves, and know their family history.

As I began to tackle this feat, I realized more and more what a tall order this really is...the difficulty lies in how to address these three points and more importantly establish a motive for the audience. It is one thing to get young adults, specifically those in college, to actually go to the doctor on a regularly scheduled basis and the other is what incentive is provided? The project cannot simply end by providing them tools they have no interest in using or paying attention to. And how do I develop some sort of system that encompasses all aspects in a holistic manner that gives importance and relevance to each?

In the beginning stages of this process I thought rather broad, considering some sort of viral branding strategy that gave a presence to the young adults to those included and excluded from the demographic. However, from here it was difficult to decide what tools would be included and how might they be presented with effectiveness.

As I was discussing the project and my dilemma with a fellow classmate the focus shifted from not necessarily focusing in on the relationship with doctors and health care providers but rather the heart of the matter, young adults. From here we talked about the communication issues that have arose due to preconceived invulnerability and the need for young adults to speak up and take confidence in their instincts and the fact they know there body best. This can be improved in a basic way by frequenting the doctor annually so they can establish baselines and create a rapport with you and your health. On another level young adults need to know they are the ones in control, they can advocate for themselves.

From here I sought out some well-needed brainstorming with my instructor to see how I might be able to hone in on all areas of the project while establishing a meaningful and beneficial connection with the demographic. More is to come on this development...stay tuned, it will be swell!

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