Saturday, February 5, 2011

SPATIAL | Concept Revised

Kate and I revisited our initial concept ideas and worked towards our current direction which gives emphasis upon the contrast and fusion of nature, Corbusier's ideas, and industry. We have also designed our exhibition to be highly interactive, incorporating screen-based media, projection, and large scale imagery & constructions.

Our goal with the digital media is to create an extension of the experience rather than simply replacing the entire exhibition by displaying it through digital media. The basics of the hand-held media experience will consist of supplementing Corbusier's 5 points and the visual that accompany them. Kate and I also considered the use of speculative sensors that will communicate with the devices indicating which section of the exhibit you are in which then brings up information on that subject; this idea will also contribute to the interactive portions where the device will act as a personal control that interacts directly with the display.

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