Sunday, February 6, 2011

SPATIAL | Corbusier Exhibition Branding

When approaching the branding / naming for our exhibition of Corbusier's 5 Points we decided to reflect back upon the essay trying to pull out key elements, thoughts, and expressions. This initial approach emphasizes expressing the essence of his thoughts in the essay, his utopian vision of the Villa Savoye and 'new architecture'.

IMAGERY + COLOR PALETTE here we have been working to gather imagery to inform the exhibition as well as to inspire the look&feel of the exhibit as well. Working with contrast and juxtaposition is also something Kate and I are considering at this point; and we are also looking to inform our color palette from imagery as well. My thoughts at this point are emphasizing the clean, smooth, and practical aesthetic Corbusier worked towards with the exaggeration of white, cool grays, and a warmer accent color.


– fusion; nature + industry

– illumination
– purpose
– functionality

– social cause
– better life

– elements
– redefining
– innovative
– independent

– apertures (windows)
– industry
– science + reason
– technology
– harmony
– proportion

– 'instrument of reconstructing society'
– 'forms in light: light + shade – primitive shapes
– light + shade, wall + space – fusion
– 'interaction of space and volumes versus 2-dimensional cosmetic treatment of the facade'

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