Wednesday, February 2, 2011

SPATIAL | Initial Concept Overviews + Thoughts

With this concept I took a cue from Corbusier's idea of 'architectural promenade' which he explains as the gradual exploration of a space. With this comes perceptions of space and elements and how they progressively change as you move through the space, all dependent upon your surroundings at the time. This idea provides a varying view and for dynamic reads of space and time.

So my thoughts here are that the 5 points are not necessarily in a specific, traditionally logical order but rather they are arranged so that one leads to the other based upon vantage points and sight lines. Each it viewable from one to the next, they just don't happen to be right next to each other. This could create for a dynamic exhibition if this idea is communicated effectively.

I also hope to tie in this idea of the 'grand reveal' Corbusier conceptualized with the Villa Savoye as it was reveal from the forest in a wide-open green space. The gallery directly off the entrance will facilitate this and also take advantage of the overlook from above; how the space will be observed differently possibly utilizing the floor below.

This concept also considers utilizing the upper level as a feature of Corbusier and his influence upon Modern architecture displaying his life story and those he has influenced. This could give the viewer a better sense of his contributions and also takes advantage and makes use of the separation created from level one to two.

1ST Floor

2ND Floor

The second idea considered is one that takes advantage of the primitive shapes used in the Villa Savoye and expressed in Corbusier's 5 Points. With a clean, white aesthetic, what if everything were viewed through a ribbon of windows? Whether directly referencing them of giving the subtle implication by only displaying content in a horizontal, rectangular strip. This idea could also work in the contrast of the interior and exterior as it is present in the Villa and express the contrast of shapes, light & dark, and the modular construction of Corbusier's utopian vision.

1ST Floor

2ND Floor

The thing that has likely not been considered as much is how these ideas will persuade the viewer of Corbusier's concepts and reasoning. The logical approach may be one of simple conveying the essence of each of his 5 Points through the exhibition. And the digital media component can lend itself to furthering the idea and showing the viewer how these ideas relate to modern day architects and structures; how the basic idea is upheld today and also show his influence upon others.

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  1. I agree that we need to include some sort of grand reveal. I'm wondering what kind of reveal we can create that could only be seen from the 2nd floor and not the first floor.

    I definitely appreciate how you used vantage points. I feel that we also can add dimension, in order to alter the vantage points.

    Maybe, we don't have to block the main stairwell completely, but instead, use a wall to hide it from the front entrance.

    Digital Media: I agree that we can use media to further explain the five points and how they relate to modern day. There can be a brief animation per point, explaining why they are beneficial. (Example: ribbon windows allow for more light)