Wednesday, February 16, 2011

SPATIAL | Progress Presentation + Feedback

Corbusier's 5 Points | Progress Presentation

Earlier this week my partner, Kate, and I presented the progression of our concept, how it will exist in the space, as well as the graphic look and feel and informative content.

OUR CONCEPT takes root with Corbusier's thoughts of the 5 Points leading to better living and breaking free of the crowded, dirty, and busy industrious cities. His concept of the 5 Points came at the end of World War I in backlash of war and killing and took a strong consideration on making life better.

From feedback and discussion during class we are also going to entertain the idea of 'improving life' through perhaps giving pointers, tips, or 'how to's' that simply state to the viewer how they too can improve their own living environment.

In our design the concept is emphasized through a strong visual contrast of industry, nature, and the Villa Savoye; which acts ad the middle ground, fusing the two ideas of nature and industry, which we aim to portray as ideal.

The biggest revision we took from class critique was working to fuse our branding image with the concept and working with overall hierarchy in image, graphical elements, way-finding, primary content, and secondary content. And with this fusion of brand image and content we begin to express the benefit of Corbusier's 5 Points in a meaningful, persuasive appeal.

Other notions included justifying our color palette and typeface choices to fit within our concept of fusion and idealism. There are also the more technical issues such as tightening up our elevation views, measurements, and leaders.

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