Monday, February 21, 2011

SPATIAL | Progress...working towards the final design

Below is a mismatch of process, progress, and revisions...

The plan-view above demonstrates the basic layout and flow of the H&R Block Artspace that will be used for our exhibition. The decision to remove a couple of the walls we felt helped give a more open, cohesive feel to the exhibition as a whole; allowing for a more presuasive experience in seeing all the elements together and how they work together.

The same visual aesthetic was obtained throughout revisions while putting a large emphasis on hierarchy and what, exactly we wanted to become the first read that best displays our persuasive argument. From the beginning we determined that quoting the essay would be a viable option as Corbusier's works are very practical and concise, not to mention they are written in very relate-able terms. So, with these I revised the elevation view drawing, working with hierarchy within the leaders and measurement markings; also the exhibition panels were re-worked to, again, establish a better sense of balance and hierarchy. The image treatment and color palette were also taken into great consideration this go round; working now with duo-tone imagery.

Below is a rough look at a portion of the media device, this particular scenario works directly with the 'Ground=plan' section of the exhibition. Here, while displaying design intent, I have decided to show the most crucial elements of the application and showcase those with a similar look and feel. From there we will need to see that a consistent look and feel is present troughout the entire application.

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