Thursday, February 24, 2011

SPATIAL | Urban Awakening: An Architecture for Better Living

Kate and I decided to breakdown Corbusier's 5 Points into something more relate-able to our audience in hopes the practical nature of the ideas combined with visual concepts will persuade them...

Corbusier’s entirely new way of living revolves around practicality, purpose, and functionality; breaking free from the commotion of industriousness and reflecting back upon nature.

Nature is merged with the home, giving an escape from the built-up city.

Roof gardens merge nature with the home, giving an escape from the built-up city.

TIP: Start a window garden, or renew your balcony or patio with your favorite plants and flowers.

The benefit of the supports is the interior walls can be placed wherever required, each floor and every wall are independent of the rest.

With the supports acting as the skeleton, the design of the interior space has limitless possibilities.

STAT: Think of this as if designing your own home, having the ability to arrange walls and create rooms wherever needed.


Spaced with mathematical reason, the supports provide a skeleton for the home, | They elevate each floor and allow for the free design of the interior space.

The supports are precisely calculated based upon the burden they are to carry, supporting is their sole function.

STAT: Not only do the supports allow for free design, they also lift the floor from the dampness of the soil allowing for more light and fresh air.


Naturally, the supports and ceilings form rectangular openings in the facade | which allows for maximum illumination from support to support.

STAT: Experiments have shown a room lit with horizontal windows provides eight times strong illumination than that of vertical windows.

The lack of load-bearing walls permits the floor-plan to project beyond the supports...

like a balcony, allowing for the extension of space without regard to the supportive structure.

STAT: This is seen today in nearly every city with the design of full glass facade commercial buildings.

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