Wednesday, March 2, 2011

DEGREE PROJECT | System Sitemap + Development

Over the past week or so I have been culminating different elements, factors, and interactions that could be incorporated into the final artifact for my project; an iPhone application. I have spent the past couple of days giving structure to all of these elements and figuring out where different sections are created, overlaps, as well as mergers.

After discussion today, as seen in the info graphic below, the system begins with the 'yearly physical exam' being converted to a 'personal health profile' that includes unique health numbers, influences, and medical factors. These topics will inform the bulk of the system; the unique personal strategy that will, in a broad sense, consist of goals, preventative measures, challenges, trackers, countdowns, alerts, and benchmarks. All of these overarching elements will be customizable and personal to the individual, they are able to cater every need and desire to formulate their very own strategy at improving their health as a preventative measure.

The whole idea here is to create a system that is non-evasive, it melds in with everyday life and does not add to the busy life of a young adult. Simple yet meaningful things are supplied on a daily basis with alerts, at-a-glance tracking and statistics making it engaging and inviting to use on a daily basis.

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