Sunday, March 6, 2011

SPATIAL | P2: The Poetic — Celebrating Kansas City Culture

With this 'monumental' project I have decided to express my continued fascination and love for Kansas City culture, its diversification, uniqueness, and charm. What intrigues me the most is how there can be several distinct areas and districts throughout the metro in which one is drastically different from the other but may, perhaps, attract the same people; however, in a different light, theses cultures meld together in making Kansas City the culture-rich mid-western city that it is.

From the beginning I have taken heavy consideration into how I can display these significant 'culture pockets' that make up Kansas City in a light that shows their distinction as well as how they add to / unify to create the overall culture of KC.

The most common 'pockets' that come to mind are the Plaza, Westport, the Crossroads, Downtown, the River Market, Midtown, perhaps even going as far as to consider Brookside.

So, my initial thoughts, as mentioned before are to demonstrate these unique cultures and their fusion to form Kansas City. In this I would utilize a unique look and feel that captures each of the cultures and then consider how they might work together. Here I envision the use of the most notable cultures in KC such as the Plaza, Westport, and the Crossroads; and perhaps considering downtown and the River Market. 


And the second idea takes things a bit more centralized focusing on one aspect of the KC culture, probably the most noted aspect, the Crossroads. This idea brings fourth celebration in the most excitable way with emphasis on the visual arts and First Fridays.


Expanding from the previous idea, I also considered making a monument about First Fridays and the impact it has on the local art community, as well as, the neighborhood's upbringing through history. Also, capturing the ambiance of First Fridays; the galleries, live music, food, and performances.


A departure from the previous ideas is one creating a monument for a monument; commemorating that Kansas City is the city of fountains; the second most in the world next to Rome. This was a very interesting to me as it may seem that these monuments are often overlooked on an everyday basis. The very interesting part is that when they first came into existence in KC in the 1890's, they served a very practical purpose: providing water to the less fortunate as clean water to drink. But wait, the practicality doesn't stop there, the structure of the fountain was built so women could access clean water which them trickled down to a basic accessible by horses, which then trickled down into pools accessible by dogs.

With this idea I could consider the number of fountains in KC (208+), the city's logo, the history of fountains in KC, their purpose, and how we are considered the 'city of fountains' making a memorable connection with cities such as Rome and Italy.


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