Sunday, March 27, 2011

SPATIAL | P2: The Poetic — Monument to Kansas City

This monument aims to reflect, illustrate, and provoke the real culture of Kansas City; portraying the Midwestern metropolitan city as an innovative and progressive one, dispelling the frequent misconception that Kansas City is nothing more than a 'Cowtown'. The innovative and progressive nature of Kansas City dates all the way back to its incorporation, beginning in the heart of the West Bottoms and spreading to areas such as the Crossroads and the Country Club Plaza. Inspiring individuals such as Walt Disney, J.C. Hall, and William Rockhill Nelson that put Kansas City on the map.

Conceptually the monument revolves around the idea of commemorating the past with the present, and demonstrating this progression and innovation through subtle means. A doorway, or threshold was chosen to symbolize this forward movement, a right of passage to the Midwest and Kansas City's unique culture. The poetics of this monument are not only established in the structure itself but also through a shadow on the opposite side of the threshold, subtly hinting at the existence of an open door provoking intrigue and wonderment. At the foot of the doorway also resides a specific textual experience pertaining to the particular commemoration of Kansas City; in this case TWA Headquarters. As an individual passes through they are greeted with recollecting sound, texture, and words invoking the innovative and progressive nature of the true Kansas City throughout the decades. And ideally these structures could appear throughout KC in other significant areas acting as markers of innovative history both past and present.


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