Monday, March 7, 2011

SPATIAL | P2: The Poetic — A New Direction

"This is the story of a courageous city fighting back after a terrible blow by a giant flood," Hall told Rockwell. "This is a story of a big man rolling up his sleeves and going to work — without whimpering and crying."

Today provided a bit of insight into my 'monumental' project, and clarified my struggle with trying to define and justify culture while embodying Kansas City. The focus now shifts to culture on a broader sense, what makes Kansas City, Kansas City? What is the motivation, why are we here, what brought us here and what is the overall attitude? We hold the Midwestern ideal of independence, hard-working, bold, innovative. This may be how we are seen by each other seeing that we live here; however, how is KC perceived by those on the outside, in Manhattan or San Francisco?

So, the new direction will focus, similarly to Norman Rockwell and John Atherton's Spirit of Kansas City, on illustrating our Midwestern spirit; dispelling the myths of how Kansas City is perceived by the outside world as being anything but independent, innovative, bold, and progressive. Imagery of the more obvious such as jazz, bbq, urban/rural, and perhaps the less obvious, city of fountains, the Crossroads, performing/visual arts, etc.

This focus is on the larger community; how KC has been re-purposed and revitalized as well as looking at its historical context and all the elements that make KC desirable and unique. In this case I will be able to take advantage of strong symbolism, possibly working with the idea that KC is/was the gateway to the West...

More research to come...

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