Wednesday, April 6, 2011

DEGREE PROJECT | Interactivity, Sitemapping, Wireframing, Branding...

After taking the initial stab at interaction and wire-framing scenarios I was able to get a better grasp on the system as a whole, how it might operate, and what are the best actions for it to do so. As shown before, the system will revolve around three main components; documentation, tracking, and challenges.

Track = follow progress throughout the year between exams & observe patterns through multiple years.
Document = ability to complete and store family history & document notes, questions and concerns for your next doctors visit.
Challenge = action plans to improve personal health and lifestyle.

With these three main components the plan is to utilize information graphics in a qualitative form that give visual comparison; showing distance and achievement that's geared towards the goal-oriented approach of the system as a whole. These measurements will facilitate the goal of making medical and health information less intimidating and easily accessible to take action upon.

One thing missing at the current time is how the initial exam information is provided and how it is implemented into the personalized system. This acting as the sort of transitional 'moment' from the doctor and exam to the individuals lifestyle. I am aiming to make the transition as simple as possible with the simple addition of information into the system producing the visual, engaging, and provoking interactivity.

The other element in consideration is an output artifact, a printed piece. One that perhaps enters the system at the beginning as the document where information is transferred into the system, and once again as the individual goes back in for an exam that will chart his/her progress, document issues, and make comparisons.

Reflecting the main components of the system is a refined, much more direct and simple sitemap that shows the interactions hosted by each. In doing this I immediately felt more comfortable and less intimidated by the system I was attempting to create, I seemed to have gotten caught up in the logistics of everything and whether certain elements should be included over others. Now with a much clearer direction I began to define scenarios the exemplify the use and interaction of the system.
 These scenarios demonstrate the use and purpose of each component and how they are interacted with by the individual. The objective in defining these was to give a clear and concise road map of where they system could potentially go and from there begin to visually wireframe each of the steps. I also took into consideration how each of the components might relate and overlap with each other and how those might be used to show the utility of the system overall.

From the defined scenarios, visualization began to take place in determining where certain elements might appear on the screen and how the navigational flow might play out. As these progressed certain things that were and were not working surfaced, as well as new ideas. In getting a feel for how the interaction might play out with the wireframes, a move towards the visual language was necessary in determining how things are rendered and displayed. A move into the visual language will help to better inform not only the branding and appeal but also what items reside where in the most logical and practical terms.

The first exploration into branding also took place over the past week; taking into consideration the purpose and the demographic. The initial mind-map involved words that expressed the idea of empowerment, life, health, and wellness. Mostly revolving around the systems ability to provoke independence, responsibility, and action without necessarily referencing the medical side of things.

Words that had the most resonance were ones that referenced life, energy, and spirit, as well as ones that promote the ideas of knowledge, awareness, and understanding.

'Insight' proved to be one that embodied the systems attributes most clearly and communicates the idea of lending knowledge and understanding to the individual as well as expressing the empowerment given to an individual to discover, learn, and define their own health and lifestyle.

Investigations in color were aimed towards creating an inviting environment for the information to exist in, one that breaks free of medical intimidation. Working with both cool and warm colors that create contrast but also keep a very calm, yet empowering visual language.

Evolving the brand took place as I began to look a bit deeper into the real essence of the system and what it really means for an individual. This entire time I have been emphasizing a hyper-focus on the individual, so why not cater the brand to referencing exactly that? Develop a personalized identity system that consists of a consistent brand mark accompanied by the individuals name. Afterall the system is about yourself, your body, your health.

At this stage brainstorming and visualizing the brand mark will be the next step; utilizing words such as 'scan' as it relates to visuals and the viewing/analysis of information.  This, I feel, will truly embody the system and express that it is in fact a highly individualized experience.


'your name' + brand

understanding + 'your name' 



More to come...  

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