Friday, April 29, 2011

SPATIAL | P3 [Dmitri, Lance, Andrea, Luke] KCAI Wayfinding System

In its current state the Kansas City Art Institute is in dire need of a wayfinding system that extends the current branding and identity successfully into the environment that surrounds the school. The goal of this new system is to unify the buildings on the campus as well as the students who attend the school. We envision doing this through the idea of translucency and transition, by defining buildings and spaces through the use of transparent planes. Each building has been outlined including the buildings that are on the outer edges of the school such as; Illustration, Design, and Jannes Library. Each building shape will be used by it’s own contour to establish visual cohesiveness as well as perspective.

There will also be a small historical feature through the school campus on benches that will be placed facing the building it is referencing. These will be placed around all buildings that have an interesting story to further define the schools unique historical contribution to Kansas City. For example; Howard Vanderslice purchased and donated this 35 room mansion, known to us as Vanderslice Hall, in 1927. The Art Institute found its’ home in one of the finest sections of the city, being surrounded by two museums & a plethora of historical buildings.

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